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Here's What's Covered:

  • Orientation and Pre-Training 
  • ​Upwork Profile Approval Hacks
  • ​Upwork Walk-through [Service Provider Interface as well as Client Side Interface]
  • ​Skill Alignment Resources for being Market relevant in US/UK/Australia Bookkeeping Domain
  • ​Upwork Profile Optimization that attracts More Outsourced Work to you!!
  • ​Roadmap to cracking First Few Clients in shorter period!!
  • ​100+ Winning Proposals Writing Demonstrated on Real-Life Projects/Clients.
  • ​Proposal Writing Secrets to achieve 7% Proposal Winning Ratio. (5 One on One Proposal writing reviews)
  • ​How to close a client over Phone/Skype call.
  • ​Service Delivery Secrets that ensures 5 Star Ratings Every Time.
  • ​Beyond Upwork - A Complete Guide to Source Work from LinkedIn and Other Platforms*****
  • ​Insider Insights on Starting and Growing a Bookkeeping Based KPO *****
  • ​Secret BONUS RESOURCES *****


  • Business Automation (with Macro Recording and Editing even if you don;t know coding)  
  • Dynamic Dashboards (using Slicers and Advanced Formulas)
  • Data Analytics (Using Latest Tools Like Power Pivot and Power Query)
  • ​Financial Modelling (including case studies for Forecasting, Budgeting and Historical Models)

Practice Productivity Expertise

  • Information Management 
  • Task/Project Management
  • Email Management
  • ​Attention Management
  • ​Files Management



Is Upwork still an Opportunity for someone starting now?
The Short Answer is "YES of course".

Upwork (earlier Elance) has always been crowded since the beginning with Freelancers who dont know how to write proposals and who are lacking the right strategy. They usually dont get any contract awarded and are just present to create the crowd.

If you have the right strategy and implement it consistently, there is no doubt that you land good long term clients.

Refer our Masterclass subscribers who achieved great success in very recent -
I have already tried Upwork and submitted many proposals but didnt get any work!
As I mentioned in the above FAQ, the right strategy is the key to success.

If you write a standard proposal format for each job you apply for, Client will never start interacting with you.

There needs to be a specific approach in each scenario on how to write proposals that ensures clients reply to you.

There is a separate Proposal Writing Module discussing 100+ proposals writing strategy for different types of jobs and with different scenarios in the Masterclass.
Will you get Support when you enroll for Masterclass?
Support is the main element of this Masterclass.

There are three major Support aspects covered.
- 100 Proposals writing review with detailed feedback. (in the lot of 15-20 proposals each)
- Email/Whatsapp Support for small straight forward queries.
- Scheduled Call/Online Meeting for queries related to implementing Course Learning or delivering client projects.
The Lessons are mainly Videos hosted in Membership Area. They may also include PDFs and other files. It can be accessed with Mobile or PC/Laptop.
What is the Timing of the MASTERCLASS?
The Lessons can be watched Anytime and from Anywhere. You will have the Lifetime Access of the Masterclass and also any updation in the Masterclass. 
What is the Time Requirement on your part?
Three lessons are released in your members area each week once you subscribe. It requires aprox 3 Hours per week to view the Lesson and 3-4 hours more per week for Actions/Task to do on your part. 
Is the Masterclass only for Qualified/Practicing CA?
Being a CA is only ensuring that you have the skills in the Accounting and Finance Field.

If you are a Semi Qualified or are Graduate/Master in Accounting, Finance or Management field and you possess the conceptual skills in this area, you are more than eligible to get success through this Masterclass.

The Masterclass include not only the strategies for success in Upwork and Beyond Upwork Channels but also include resources for alignment of your existing skills to in-demand Softwares/skills.
Can you do it as Part Time if you have Job or Existing Practice?
If your goal is to wholly focus on Outsourcing Practice at a later stage, this Masterclass will be the best decision to achieve it. It requires just investment of 100 Hours Aprox in next 90 Days and at the same time make yourself ready to jump in. However If you continue to keep occupied in Job or existing Practice at the end of the Masterclass, you will get proportionate result based on time you devote.
When the MASTERCLASS will start?
The Masterclass starts as soon as you join it. Once you join, you will get access to membership area and start learning right away.
What TYPE of Work is offered By Foreign Clients on UPWORK? 
I have created a quick Youtube video to address your queries on Upwork platform and how I as a practitioner and other CAs are doing on Upwork. I have given walkthrough of my Upwork profile as well as few other CAs' profile on Upwork. This will give you good insight in to this practice area which you are totally unaware of right now.
I dont have knowledge in Accounting Packages like Quickbooks, Xero etc!! 
The Course includes all the resources where you can learn indepth about Quickbooks/Xero from Quickbooks/Xero itself (free and online) and how to enroll for ProAdvisor/Partner Program offered by Quickbooks/Xero (these Training and Certification are free and online). The Resource page also includes additional resources for knowledge updation in this field and detailed FAQs.
Is US CPA Degree or US Taxation knowledge is Required?
Most of the time, I get questions from Chartered Accountant Colleagues that do we need to pursue CPA or ACCA or some other additional degree before starting to work for Overseas clients? Or do we need to know the Taxation Laws before we start doing Bookkeeping? etc

The fact is a Chartered Accountant is more than ready skillwise to perform services like Bookkeeping and Accounting with the knowledge of GAAP.

Whether to expand the services later to Taxation or Payroll Processing etc is a question of the future. However I have seen many Firms starting from Basic Services and stick to that and rather scale up to a big level in Basic Services.

Acquiring an additional degree or skill like taxation would not magically make clients appear for your services.

Basically, the professionals are not having proper guidance on how to start in this field. First and foremost is the source of the clients. That's the reason why I created Outsourcing Practice Secrets Masterclass to guide someone who is starting from scratch with no experience or no direct contacts with the help of Freelancing site like Upwork initially and later from other direct channels.
Does Upwork Charge any Fee? Is it Percentage Based?
Most of my "Outsourcing Practice Secrets" course prospect ask me whether Upwork Charges any fee on their earnings?! And How Much? Is it % based? And many related Questions. To address all these questions, I have written a LinkedIn article at
Do We Sub-Contract Outsourcing Work to you?
The Short Answer is "No". For detailed Answer, Read my LinkedIn Article at
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  • ​Indulge in ENTERTAINMENT over Weekends.....
  • ​Tours to VACATION Destinations across Globe..... 

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P.S: The First and Foremost requirement for getting the desired success through the MASTERCLASS is "BELIEF". Everyone believed its Impossible to score 200 runs in an ODI until One Cricketer DID IT. And then many did the same taking belief from the one who did it FIRST. 

The "OUTSOURCING PRACTICE SECRETS" is for only those who want to learn from other's experiences and mistakes and succeed quickly by avoiding long self learning curve.

Also who want to enhance their skills through committing couple of hours each day for next 90 days on learning new undisclosed secrets and then actually implementing those proven techniques should ONLY join the MASTERCLASS. 

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